Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Holy shit! I knew the guy never wrote about poker. I knew he was not all that good at the game.. but to outright LIE about hands. If you have not heard the breaking news. Duggles mocked another player in a post. What he did not know was PokerJones was reading a Forum where said player posts and Duggles made up EVERY SINGLE WORD of the hand. He calls a raise pre-flop then pushed with crap and runner-runner nails a straight.

Now so what if he made a bad play and won.. the bad part about the whole thing is that he:

A. Lied about the limit. It was .02/.05 not 1/2
B. Lied about the hand. He said the guy bet very little and let him catch a straight.
C. Besmearched the reputation of a highly respected .02/.05 player.

Now while this is horrible as other Bloggers have mentioned. It is even worse than say ZeeJordon's massive scandal he even made it worse!!! When he was caught lieing because he has no real poker content instead of being a man and admitting to his horrible mistake.. he does what any coward would do.. he erases the entry and hopes it all will go away. I think I see him hiding under his covers at home.

If he is going to pull crap like that in his blog then maybe he should delete his blog instead of just one post. I have never had a huge problem with Duggles because he tells it like he thinks it is. Sure we have had our disagreements in the past. I liked that he was willing to speak his mind though. When he starts making shit up and telling lies about people I lose all respect for anything he might say.

I am not sure why he would do this. Possible his Ad revenue was down.. his affiliate signups? I have no idea but I think he owes it to his loyal readers to explain himself instead of deleting the post and making pretend it never existed.


Blogger Mondogarage said...


There are highly respected .02/.05 players?

Dammit, when is Bodog (or anyone else for that matter) gonna offer to advertise and bankroll me...LOL)

9:20 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Story was boring so I made stuff up. I got called a donk by a player that I thought was playing pretty poorly. I definitely made some poor plays too.

I'm jealous of your Bodog ads too.

10:16 AM

Blogger Zerbet said...

When asked after winning the WSOP whether winning made him the best poker player in the world, Johnny Moss said "Who knows? The best poker player in the world could be out there playing for quarters in the garage with his buddies and we'd wouldn't have any idea!"

What makes you any smarter than Moss, mondo? Your remark about "highly respected" micro limits players belongs "where the sun don't shine," if you smell what I'm cookin'.

6:51 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I was being entirely serious.. in an offhanded way.. I would not be surprised if there were many very good nickle and dime players.. Actually if you read the original post in the Forum the guy playing nickle and dime was actually a 1/2 and 2/4 player but thats besides the point..

Anyway.. if I insulted any nickle and dime players I am sorry it was not meant that way..

8:31 AM


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