Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Luck Continues

This will be my 4th Mookie appearance. Over that past so many weeks I’ve been observing and taking notes in hopes to find what it will take to make my way to the final table. And now I believe I have found the answer!—> Be more like Waffles!
That’s sure to work out for me. And if not, maybe it’ll at least make me more popular. -- BuddyDank


Fucking cunt bag poker gods.. I hope you wake up in the god damn morning and find out it was really a tranny banging you last night and that WAS NOT a strap on. Stupid poker gods. Kiss my ass.

I went out to test my luck in a purple peep token thingy. I had my aces cracked for the tenth time in a row. I swear they have not won in ten times straight. A guy called with 34o for 8x the blind .. flop comes 445 and I swear I was this close to folding. I however could not. Not in a purple peep token. I was hoping for TT or JJ instead of 34 but what is a guy to do. The pot was 700.. After I potted it I would have around 400-500 left. Really not a place I fold here.

On a side note I just read Wicked Chops post on Keeley. I do not get what the problem is. If you do not want a sex tape scandal.. then do not make a sex tape. It really is not that hard. Hot chicks really do not know how to please a guy anyways.. they are too caught up with looking in the mirror. Give me an average girl anytime. What the fuck was with her boyfriend too? Does he have cancer? I swear he did not have a folicule of hair anywhere on his body. Man up you fucking pansy and grow a few. Also as a side note.. I noticed Willy Wanka is a "Super Admin" of that porn site.. Is that one of our Wankahs?

I went on an interview today. Like the job. Like the project. I now have to wait to see if I will get it. I think I nailed most of the interview and should get the offer but we will see. Half way to Foxwoods is appealing too.. I hope I start in time to get to go to Eh-Vegas. I really would enjoy hanging out with my Canadian peeps.

I finally got my money from the latest ad. Instead of putting it on Bodog it is on Paypal. If anyone wants to trade some FT dollars for Paypal dollars I am willing to do so. Send me an email or post a comment with your IM or email. I have $275 I want to get onto Full Tilt at some point so if we can do a mutual trade let me know. I will say I was getting incredibly annoyed. Now those who read my post about my time in Vegas with Ick, and the Canadian Double Trouble Twins will probably realize that I HATE being ignored. I must be the center of attention. Not all the time. Just at the times I wish it. So I almost went ballistic at this bitch for not responding to 6 emails I sent.. DP then sends her one email and she responds. I swear I almost threw the ad out right there.. fucking cunt responds to DP and not me! What the fuck is she thinking!!! I swear. She also has the NERVE to say I never responded to her. Freaking bitch. Ahh that feels better. I know I probably should be nicer to people who give me money.. however.. that is not my way. Treat me like the princess I am dammit!

I did not mean to make Obie the next star of Days of Our Lives.. I really thought the dynamic of divorce was interesting and the way him and the Ex interacted was refreshingly, brutally, honest. I have no idea if I will wind up at the same end as him but there is a high probability it will happen. Who knows what will end up on my blog then.

Carmen and Love Elf are planning on getting naked together! I can not wait to hear about that!

I will be at the Mookie tonight. I will probably get brutally sucked out on. I am trying to get MiamiDon to set the line on who I rant against tonight!


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