Monday, January 15, 2007


I am on break from Poker for a while. I am coming back in a bit with a made bankroll and a good attitude. Just can not justify putting money online until I get a job.. when I do put money online it is going to be a large deposit to play .50/1 or 1/2 fully funded for 20 buyins. I am totally convinced that the play at 1/2 sucks really bad but marginally less than lower levels.. that I can easily beat this game.. and that I have no shot at it if I am not properly bankrolled. You can not get past the inevitable rules of Poker and unless you luckbox into a bankroll by playing MTTs or have a trust fund you have to play properly rolled.

I was considering covering the blogger games live sort of like the High Stakes Poker Report does. You know. A donk-to-donk reporting of every "interesting" hand at the tables.. however I have come to the conclusion that people hate me enough already, and bloggers are wayyyyy too thin skinned to take what I have to dish out. So I am going to give up on that idea.

As far as football goes I thought the game yesterday was a classic battle. Arguably the two best teams in football went head to head and it came down to whoever got the lucky bounce of the ball. Both defenses stopped both offenses from really taking off and made for a down and dirty, grind it out, slug fest. I am happy the Patriots won!!! Now I hope we will crush Payton and all his hopes and dreams for yet another year and then it is on to the No-Fawwwwking-Canwin division for another Super Bowl title.

So I may be in an occasional Mook or what not but besides that Poker is going to be on a limited basis. Have fun and be careful out there.


Blogger ZowieZ said...

I think you've made a good decision about playing with a correctly sized bankroll. All of the articles I've read from pros say this is important -- especially when riding out variance.

We hear a lot about players that built their bankrolls by taking shots, but not from those who go broke doing so.

I recently made this same decision and, even though the year has gotten off to a rough start, I am much more comfortable with the swings due to having a proper cushion.

Good luck and stay in touch!

5:43 PM

Blogger Bloody P said...

Awwww, Waffles. We hate you in that way that people hate Oprah.

And no, I don't know what that means.

7:12 PM

Blogger Astin said...

Thin-skinned? Next you'll be calling bloggers weak-tight.

When we all know that bloggers are teh ghey.

10:30 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

"Arguably the two best teams in football"???? The Patriots?

Come now, Waffles. Even you can't be that out of it. Even you.

Btw if I were president then you would not be allowed to take a break from playing with the blogging crew. I love knowing I might bump into you any night at the virtual tables. Get your "proper bankroll" and get back in the game fast man. I might even consider kicking you $1 if you can get 10 others to do the same, and then you can play the Mook tonight.

5:59 AM


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