Monday, January 08, 2007

Appology to Weak


Weak: oooh AK. It can never lose. I am going to raise to isolate the only player in the hand.
Sir: Weak has AK, AA or KK. Let's see if we can hit a flop on him.

Score: Sir-1, Weak:0

Post Flop:

Weak: OMFG! I Flopped the Nutz! TPTK!!! How can I get paid off! I will bet 12$.
Sir: Ok. Definatly AK. Let's raise so his lucky ass does not get lucky.
Weak: He raised. I am so getting paid! He has 27o and is bluffing me!!! WOO HOO!

Score: Sir-2, Weak:0


Weak: OMFG! I have a flush draw! I have 1 card to go! I am fucking golden child! I am going to push my entire stack in!!! He is going to bluff me with his hammer! WOO HOO!
Sir: I know this fucktard does not have a flush. He has AKo. He might be drawing to a flush. I am ahead. What else can I do but call?

Score: Sir-3, Weak:0


Sir: What's new. Screwed by the river and the donkeys.

Score: Sir-$*#$&*($#&(# again, Weak:1

In all honestly I really respect Weaks game. I am sure he was not thinking the way I noted above. He is a really good player and in some ways that is why I was surprised that he put so much into one hand with a draw albeit a 40% winning draw. I still see it as investing $45 when he can expect to win 30% of the time and $100+ when he can expect to win 37% of the time as I was favorite when all of the money went in. I.E. Losing poker over the long run? Also these numbers are the best case scenario as if I had a made set or flush he loses this hand anyways much more often. I guess this is shallow thinking and anytime I have a flush draw I should push all in. Top pair top kicker. Go broke with it. I am pretty sure that Weak does not think this way or play this way. I know he is a solid player. I have alot of respect for him actually. I do not think he is a fucking tool. I just do not agree with the way he played the hand no matter what he says.

I also am very happy with the way I played the hand. I played it perfectly IMHO despite what Weak says. I read my opponent. Played my opponent. Put him on a hand. Stuck with it. Unfortionatly also lost. In reality the hand was just poker. A good draw vs a stong made hand and a good read. Nobody played extremely out of line. I apologize to Weak if my initial outburst was out of line. A lot more of it probably was directed at the AA vs KK hand. I always have to get these things out of my system immediately albeit with extreme bias. I assumed he read the blog enough to know that. That part is never going to change. I did not mean to insult him as a player and wish him the best.


Blogger Weak Player said...

Awwwww....isn't that sweet? I am looking forward to the 15th. I won't make any donkey plays on the turn if you don't make any donkey plays before the flop. Deal?

5:56 PM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

Rip it baby!

Donkery generates suckage and vice versa.

All bloggers have the hammer when you dont wanna fold your top pair/draw/overpair/set ...

6:44 PM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

fuel, it is the way of the hammer young padowin.

8:29 PM


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