Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sick Sick Sick Night

DDionysus AKA PokahDave was the capper on a fucking horrendous night that saw me playing and trapping people for all of their chips multiple times only to lose.

Our hand was really simple. He had 90 chips committed to the pot. It was early. He should have folded. First small mistake is raising AQ. Stupid weak hand that should not be raised. Second MUCH LARGER mistake.. instead of folding to my jam he calls with AQ. People I just want to ask: Are you such bad players that 40% is the best you can get your money in at? It turns out he was dominated when I turned over AK.. Of course domination is never enough and the AQ on the flop practically sealed the deal.. by the river I was out early losing my prop bet with Bayne.

I think I *maybe* call an all in with AQ if I am deep in a large MTT and have very few chips. Possibly. I will say though "Fold Equity".. I.E. The extra +EV expectation you get because many times people will fold when you jam your AK does not exist in donkeyments. I guess I had not played Dave enough to know if he was a no-foldem donk or someone who could lay down a hand. Now I know. It is bad to jam AK into people who can never fold. Even if they do have AQ.. which was great to see for about five seconds... man I sometimes think I am writing for a remedial poker class.

I later played the 75/token race.. I chip up early when my KJ is better than QJ on a Jxx flop. In these token races I am willing to get felted early with TPTK. These people are just so willing to die with nothing. So I chip up to nearly 6K early.. then an even bigger donkey than Dave does this. Early position short stack raises.. this guy re-raises.. I jam with JJ... and he calls all of his chips off.. WITH FUCKING AJo!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! How do you fucking people even breath? I have no idea.. So anyway when he runner-runner's the straight.. I am back down to 4K.. and when my queens are outrun by AK.. again calling an all in.. I am down to 2K.. ick.. However many more people are out..

I kept seeing bloggers at my tables.. Schaubs, Island Bum, and finally I got put on Smokkee's table. Smokkee made a potentially dumb move to get knocked out of the tourney. With like eight people left and not enough chips to survive the EP guy jams all his chips in.. and Smokkee re-jams all of his chips. Now normally I like this move with any nice drawing hand.. but it was into my SB.. and I had like 460 chips to call off with a chance to triple up.. yeah.. I am never folding there. So unlucky for Smokkee we turn over KT for EP jam.. 56 s0000ted for Smokkee.. and K6 offs00t for me. DOMINATED! I end up beating Smokkee and losing to the EP guy to make a few bucks. In one way jamming there is good but with two people absolutely in the hand thats a hard one to win unless you flop perfect..

So here I am sitting at the bubble in this token myself.. in the EP with the blinds coming to knock me out.. and I look down and see........ the PokerDave.. AQo baby.. So I say fuck it.. I need the chips and if I lose so be it.. So I JAM in ep and get called five ways. I am on the bybble here people.. the cash prize for this tourney which I would earn if I lost was: one dollah! Sucky sucky! So much to my surprise the flop comes AQx with two hearts and the 5 seat JAMS the flop.. everyone folds and he turns over A5.. and is drawing dead after the turn.

The whole table erupts into berating the guy. I myself am happy because I now have 7K in chips and am all but guaranteed a token. I totally agree with the table but I was happy to be protected by a donkey. I felt loved and nurtured. So I won my token and will be using that particular one for the last BPT event: The Big Game! Starts this Sunday. It would be nice to win this one. It is the only event on the circuit I have not won and is the one I probably most want to win. Should be fun anyways.

I played a little cash last night too.. 50/NL.. Did not catch any cards.. was down eleven at one point in time and ended the night down three after I raise pre-flop.. the flop comes AQx. I have AK and the shortie jams for eight more. I cold call and he turns over QJ.. Not bad.

Tonight I will be playing the Riverchasers event. See you there.


Blogger Mike Maloney said...

It's really disgusting how easy it is to get people to double you up in those Token Frenzy. TPTK is the effing nutz against those idiots.

9:00 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...

It appears the "waffles curse" has same potency as waffles.


10:00 AM

Blogger AlCantHang said...

Thank god this is a comedy blog and not a poker strategy blog.

10:41 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

A-Qo was gold last night....stop yer bitchin....although I have to admit it is fucking funny. I've seen you jam with everything from 6-6 to's in the notes. We all know you have to chip up in the Mookie early. Did you think there is some great strategy in these 1500 10 dollar tourneys?...
Did you forget about your brilliant jam with 66 against the short stack in an earlier 10$ tourney....only to be called and crippled by the KingJackoff? I didn't. You would've thought by your reaction that we were playing for WSOP bracelet! Get a grip.....

10:58 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

ummm.. I don't think I played an earlier tourney.. and jamming 66 is a fine move.. getting called by KJ is donkey..

Jamming AK is a fine move.. getting called by AQ is donkey..

Bayne.. it think it got you. You have made the money in like every event for the past 2 weeks.. except tonight..

I do not think I have ever jammed AJ to a raise with a full stack of chips left. Its just stupid. Calling with AQ is also just stupid. Calling with AJ. Stupid.

11:18 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Shit man if you look at your notes and they say call with AQ then I just have to say.. take better notes..

11:22 AM

Blogger L'artiste said...

So you pushed 1500 chips into a 120 chip pot with AK?

12:44 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yup... AND I often get called by an inferior hand. I often do this with Aces too.. because people will think "Hey, he has 4's" and make a stupid ass call like that one..

1:15 PM

Blogger PokahDave said...

I'm sure you've made a bad play (which I do admit the all-in call with A-Qo was a bad play...but I don't make these any more often than anybody else) in the past and sucked out. Arguing with you is like pissing in a fan....pointless......this is all.

2:07 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. absolutely. haha. But you agree your play sucked. I have made bad plays in the past.. like once four months ago.. heh.

I almost did not write anything about your AQ call because I could tell you knew it was bad. Mostly I just like to educate the stupid people and you do not seem to be one of them.

2:10 PM


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