Friday, June 22, 2007

Katitude Donkeyment

Katitudes Donkeyment is tonight. 'Nuff said.


Blogger Jim said...

I found the victim of the MN Aiport Police Cyclist attack you commented on by doing a google search on people reporting on the NWA MN POLICE AIRLINE ATTACK UPON MY MOTHER AND I…I came upon a link that said “I was attacked by MN Airport Police… sound familiar” the url came up in my search because he referenced my web site (
If you think the attack you have just read about is severe, than might I also direct you to the NWA Airline attack, secret trial CIA NSA FBI jury pool, threats and collusion- My mother and I and now friends family and associates have been targetted in a case in which our very lives continue to remain in danger,

The Orwellian regime of the New World Order is here….

8:54 PM


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