Monday, July 02, 2007

Every hand is 50/50..

So I played the big game.. and big deal.. It is another MTT.. I play one or two a night.. a few more on the weekends.. that is all it is. So first hand of the Big Game I look down and find AA and know I am going to get slaughtered. Full Tilt does not give you Aces on the first hand so you can win a big pot. It is always a mad suckout hand. I raise it up and get called by Smokkee..

The flop is fairly harmless I think something like J92. I check to Smokkee hoping he will put in a little bet and try and take the pot down. I forgot we were talking about Pussy Smokkee here.. so of course he checks behind. The turn is a ten.. and well, his 78o was good.. My only mistake was calling his min raise on the turn and his very small value bet on the river. I lost around 800 chips on the hand.

Smokee says he folds to my c-bet in that hand and I think that is a mistake. Sure he only has a gutshot but he is going to get paid somewhat if he hits.. Small amount to call off if you can maximize what you can get if you hit. Of course I believe Pusseee when he says he would have folded.

So I keep alive and start climbing up the ladder a bit still stuck at 2100ish chips. I look down and see AQd. I limp in so as not to go too crazy and Goat raises it up.. ScottyMc calls. The flop come Jxx 2 diamonds. The goat leads out for a pot sized 700 bet and ScottyMc calls. So we have something like 2K in the pot. I have 2100 behind. I could possibly have upwards of 15 outs or so twice over. I have two choices:Fold or Push. No way am I calling. So I decide to gamble it up a little and see what happens. The goat turns over KK and I do not hit an Ace or diamond and go out.

Pusseee the table captain immediately berates the play. I tell him to chill. It is one fucking tourney. Who cares. Plenty of better MTTs out there that pay far more. I decided to gamble on a coin flip to triple up. I have no problem with that. Of course Pussee folds his way to the bubble and then finds some way to blow it. I really have no idea how he fucked up but hey we made the same amount of money.. he just took longer to do it. So if being slow is you goal you accomplished it.

Might play the Hoyazo tonight. I do have to give him props. He came on in a rush for the finals of the BPT and earned himself a spot in the top ten. Good job man! Very impressive. Until later.


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