Thursday, July 05, 2007

Random Stats

Blog is still going strong with unique visitor count of over three hundred a day. Every single day! Wow! Thanks for the continued support! This also does not include RSS Readers which I am sure make up a large majority of readers. Nice to know we can keep up decent numbers for a blog over the past three years.

Some interesting search terms..

"Jennifer Still" and "porn" and "Blonde"
"Tuff fish"
"poker grubby"
"Is Pokerstars Rigged"

and the always odd ones..

"1000 in pennies won by black"
"in lue"
"dell e530 desktop review"


The came from results besides Google and now a bunch of Yahoo! searches tend to be all of the usual poker blogs out there that I appreciate linking to me.

My Search Engine find number have gone up. Normally I get found mostly by Google but this week we added in some Yahoo! thanks to a SEO tip I found on the interwebs.

My favorite part of looking at my stats is the international flair baby! Those are the fun stats.

I have UK, Canada eh, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Singapore, Belgium, Thailand, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.. and many more. If you have not had a chance to sign my map.. please go to the sidebar under readers and click the link that says "Click here" to see who reads.. It is always nice to add some new people..

In the US I have a ton of different states.. I am however missing a few.. like New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi, and others..

A new feature will be starting up in the next day or so.. hopefully I can get enough good material to make it fun. Until then if your kids ask you to sleep in a fort made out of pillows on the side and hard floor underneath.. decline.. your back will thank you even if your kids hate you.. ouch. my neck.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Next time I go to Biloxi I will get online and go to your blog. Just for you!

4:42 AM

Blogger AVIGANOLA said...

Wow 300 hundred a day, my blog gets around 10 unique hits a day. I am not worthy - LOL. Keep uop the good work. Tony

12:58 PM

Blogger jusdealem said...

Ummm, you have I not count or what??

8:30 PM


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