Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fuck You Mookie

I dunno what is up with the title.. lol. The Mookie used to be my favorite game when I owned it and cashed like every other day but this year has been dry for me. While I have multiple first and second place finishes in the Hoy and Riverchasers the Mook is just being a fucking bitch. I mean I hardly ever play the Hoy and I have a couple of firsts.. Where is the love Mookie? I am most probably going to hit this thing again tonight..

Speaking of nothing at all.. I was reading on someones blog that some game called "Get a life" or "Second life" or something like that has been asked to shut down gambling by the government. Now give me a fucking break. You are the worst fucking president ever and all you can spend your time on is going after virtual gambling halls in fake worlds where people do not exist to appease your right wing religious mafioso's??!?!?!?! I mean I do not even play that game and have no idea what a genital upgrade entails and really it does not sound good to me but fuck man that is some fucked up shit going on that never should happen in the land of supposed liberty. George you fucking suck.

Bad beats.. you want a bad beat!! I got one for you.. I was sitting in WarCraft and playing some poker at the tavern and I look down and I have KK on an AKK board. So I shove all 8 gold pieces in.. and the Warlock calls.. then I smell this sulphurous smell and the Warlock is moving his hands around and fuck the next card off the deck is an ace and he scoops a huge pot.. Ok, just kidding, they do not have poker in War Craft.. although there was a chick in undies and a bra pole dancing on top of my mailbox last night. I am going to have to get some pictures so the more lonely of you will start reading my Warcraft blog.

Speaking of wacky sex and crazy bitches I was reading Elaine Vigneault. Normally I think she is kind of a crazy bitch but not too bad.. usually I like her posts.. and this is no exception.. but is Vegansexualism fucking for real? I mean every man comes with meat baby... you will have to go muff diving to avoid that.. I can not see not fucking someone because they ate a hamburger.. but I am not really into not eating meat so my brain probably has not been damaged enough to go that far.. hmm.. I was just thinking would Elaine fuck me if I gave up meat for a year.. lol. I have too much time on my hands. Think of all the cows and chickens you would save and all it would cost is five minutes of hot sweaty sex.. I hope she does not read my blog. lol.

Actually for the most part I am all for doing your own thing but when it interferes with the potential pool of sexually eligible women I have to draw the line. Since I am sort of picking on her today she also wrote something about McDonalds and while I agree with some of her points I think FUCKING COFFEE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HOT YOU WACKJOBS! If some idiot puts it in their lap then that is Darwinism at its best trying to stop the reproductive ability of morons to clean up the gene pool. People need to take responsibility for their own stupidity but I guess if they did they would not be stupid. A vicious cycle my friends.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Nice! I haven't read a good waffles rant in a while. You've been slacking off baby. I think it's that evil video game - it's warping your brain.

Take some time off and let's go play poker at the MGM.

1:23 PM

Blogger Elaine Vigneault said...

You might be interested in:


1:23 PM


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