Friday, August 10, 2007

Katitude Baby

The biggest donk fest in the entire world is tonight: Katitudes Donk-o-rama. The password is donkarama. Go to her site for details. I will probably hit this one up. I actually missed the Riverchasers event last night. Got a little busy with some PvP action in WoW.

Elaine Vigneault responded to my post kinda poking fun at Veganism.. but I hope she understands I respect everyones beliefs and love poking people a little. Do you remember what I asked in my post?

I was just thinking would Elaine fuck me if I gave up meat for a year.. lol.

Well she left the following cryptic reply in my comment section.

You might be interested in:
link to Vegan experiment


Regards.. see now thats a classy lady. So I was wondering does that mean she was answering my proposition? I mean this could be a whole new marketing campaign for the Vegans: Save a Cow, Fuck a Fat Guy! Hmmm... I am going to cross post the link on my fatty blog too just because she is such a good sport.

I have way too much free time on my hands.

Want another interesting thing that happened today.. on the train ride there is this guy with a cell phone. Now keep in mind we are on the subway and are underground and surrounded by a hundred feet of concrete on every side. The guy is looking at his phone and talking to his friend and wondering why there is no response.. he is like "hello? hello?".. Retard.

While I am screwing around at Kat's I will also be playing some tokens or satellites. LJ had a VERY VERY nice score in the 32K or something like that this week. I am inspired to take some more shots myself this weekend.


Blogger Elaine Vigneault said...

No, sorry. I don't trade sex for vegan conversion. Besides, I'm loyal to my husband.

But don't let that stop you from trying veganism. Who knows? You might like it.

6:14 AM


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