Monday, September 17, 2007

Nice Weekend

Smokkee said...
nothing can stop the Chargers.

Right as usual Smokkee.. I think the Patriots cheated though. They put no-block powder on the Defence, and Cant-Tackle tape on their hands. I think they also used slow-as-shit on the pass defense and who knows what they did to the offense. Either that or they are just better than most other teams. Nah must be cheating.

I am totally for the Patriots losing a draft pick though. Even if every other team in the league cheats and you know they do.. if you get caught you have to pay the price.

The Fergey continue slowly.. I got some poker in this weekend but not a whole lot. Had a mixed weekend with a pretty break even run. I may be getting bored. I dunno. I did end the weekend up another six bucks though so the challenge stands at $32 at the moment..

Not much else to say.


Blogger smokkee said...

let me rephrase.

nothing can stop the chargers except the chargers.

terrible game

11:26 AM


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