Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I almost could not play the Mookie tonight. That would have sucked. I went into work last night and found out everything was changed and I had to re-do the entire site. So I was unable to finish three sites in one night. Got to love screwed up processes that cause you to make bundles of money on other people being incompetent. So they are unable to meet tonight so I get to play! YAY! Tomorrow night I probably will miss Riverfuckers. Boo! Ah well.

Bayne sent me an article on a girl who committed suicide partially because some ADULTS were being very cruel to her and pretending that some guy on MySpace liked her. The details were not clear but I guess they then took the conversations she had with them and told her they were going to spread them around her school and nobody liked her.. some bullshit like that. So the girl having some self esteem problems already killed herself. Nice.

Some of the comments were interesting though.. "myspace is part of the environment these kids are growing up in. You don't want to simply forbid them from these things". Umm.. Hello? I do not think MySpace is a privilege and I am perfectly willing and able to tell my children no fucking way are you going on that site. I mean I know everyone wants to be friends with their kids but I think MySpace is a actually a very dangerous place and have no desire to have my kids on the site. When they are 35 they can make their own decisions and use it if they want. Until then it is my choice.

Sad story. Thanks for making my morning Bayne.

I also gave JudeSalem some advice for her son: Just tell the Marine recruiter he is gay! It will work. They do not like Gays in the military for some reason. I personally think its fine. I mean have you seen Dr. Chako's drab white trailer? I mean cmon.. does that not need a speeeciall touch? Missing out guys!

See you all tonight.


Blogger jusdealem said...

That story was horrible! How could those ADULTS do something so vicious to a 13 yr old girl?? So sick.

6:17 PM


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