Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Green Peace

Accosted by Green Peace

First Hottie Babe:

"You like the environment right?"
"Nope, I hate it. I want to pollute!"

Second cute chick:

"You like these cute widdle cuddle polar bears"

Awww fuck. It is the cute polar bear gambit. This is akin to the Johnnie Cochran Wookie Defense. No defense against it.

"ummm, yaaa"

"And that evil killer Kennedy has been killing them!!!!"

"ooooh noooos!"

"He has been blocking Windmill Energy, And the Polar Ice Caps are melting"

"Ok! ok!"

"AND we are losing 2 cubit meters of space EVERY YEAR"

"Awww fuck babe.. you lost me.. That means I will have beach front property soon? ZANG! BOOYAH!"

Fucking makes me want to eat a Vegan and save an animal though. At least my steak does not yap to me about how bad milk and bacon is. Vegan steaks for all!


Blogger Astin said...

I just don't get it. If I'm not supposed to eat animals, then why do they taste soooo good?

Same goes for babies.

8:11 AM


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