Friday, November 16, 2007

Ranting Roll

O.K.--all the kids are sitting around the dinner table. The food has been served. Dad looks at his fourth grader and says "well, son, did anything interesting happen with you today?"

Wouldn't you just want to be the other siblings at that table that night! There are some things my kids missed out on being educated in the Catholic schools... Thank God!!!

Posted by: Z52

This kind of self righteous bullshit fucking pisses me off. It is like me saying "Lucky my kid did not go to Catholic schools.. he might have been raped by a priest".. Some teacher who was wacked up on some prescription drug or something stripped in front of her fourth grade class. What a fucking retard saying shit that has nothing to do with anything.. I think this comment was possibly smarter:

i dont think that i even have a commit for that. but i do know that its because i cant phantom the words to say after hearing something like this.

Posted by: jstar

Fucking dooshes make me sick.


Blogger Buddy Dank said...

I just want to thank Al for everything he's done for me. Thanks again!

11:14 AM

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