Friday, November 16, 2007

Stupid Ass Country

Do not get me wrong I love AMERICA.. but we are wayyyy too hung up about drugs. If someone wants to fuck up their lives LET THEM. If they do not do it with drugs they will find something else. I mean check this shit out.

Man arrested for toad tripping

David Theiss, 21, of Kansas City, Missouri, was arrested for keeping a pet toad with the intent of licking it to get high. The skin and venom glands of Colorado River toads produce powerful hallucinogens called tryptamines. Theiss was released on bond, but the toad remains in police custody

I mean if they guy wants to have sexual relations with a toad and get a little high WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM??!?!?!?! Jesus.. Give a toad a little tongue and suddenly you get to go to jail for ten years.

Now what brought this all up.. this may be controversial.. but WHY THE FUCK IS BARRY BONDS FACING 30 YEARS IN JAIL? I understand. He is an asshole. He lied about TAKING DRUGS TO BULK UP. Who gives a fuck? Why is this a criminal offense? Why was he even put in the position to lie about this? I can understand if Baseball wants to call him a cheater and put a star by his name or some lousy shit like that. I can even understand people saying he did not beat the great white hope's record in baseball.. I can go with that.. but the guy faces thirty years of soap on a rope and guys being like "I fucked Barry Bonds Ass!" just like it was an autographed baseball card.. I mean is that really what we want to send people to jail for?

Bonds would have gotten off lighter if he sexually molested some children. Try that next time Barry.. nobody cares about that.. lets throw all the Pot Smokers, Toad Lickers, Poker Players, and other generally fucked up degenerates in jail. It will probably be safer in there anyways since all the murderers, rapists, and serial killers will be on the outside. Seriously fucked up priorities.


Blogger StB said...

Waffles the toad fucker!!!

12:16 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Actually Barry Bonds lied to a FEDERAL GRAND JURY who were investigating BALCO on drug distribution charges. They weren't investigating him, he was covering up for his drug dealers.

He's facing charges for perjury and obstructing a federal investigation. That's how the criminal justice system works.

3:47 PM

Blogger JL514 said...

details duggle.. details.

5:03 PM


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