Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Pictorial of Suck

This was my night. I honestly can not figure out where I did anything wrong in either hand. The AA vs AK hand I re-raised pre-flop. He cold calls. While he was behind on the flop slightly I can not fault his donkey call of my jam of a full buyin. He had some outs. I did not run the math but I would be surprised if I was any more than 54% favorite. I must be getting good at this. I checked. 53%. I have no problem with my push on the flop either. Is there some other line I can take here?

I then lost as little as possible due to a players weakness with set-under-set. The river was kind of scary to him I guess.. so he bet 1.50, I raise 4, and he just cold calls. I probably lost like 5-6 here. Not bad.

I ended the night down around nine bucks. Little less than one buyin. Seeing the cards tonight I guess that is not too bad. So when does the 5x buyin night come?

Ahh well.. Hey is it me or does CK look a lot like Mrs. Universe? hmm..

Oh yeah and this made me laugh today.. I got this email that said "Congratulations! You and April are now connected.".. WOOT!


Blogger BWoP said...

All Asians do not look the same!

8:52 AM


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