Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Color?

Reading about how everyone thought F-Train was gay I figured I should cut him some slack and ask my own Gay question.

What color jacket should I get.

I could talk about poker and jamming all in with 1k left in an SNG with 89o and getting called by the EP guy. Thinking he probably has Ax something.. maybe a pair.. hope not.. but seeing him flip over 57o and hit trip fives.. yes people, I do not make this shit up.. I had 1k in chips to his $1300 with $100 blinds...... crazy shit.......


Blogger ckbluffer said...

I rike brue!

That's what color my gay BF's eyes are.

10:43 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You are sooooo a sweater.. thats the term right? Someone that pretends to be the GF so the gay guy seems not gay?

My wife loves the blue too.. first words out of her mouth "You are going to hate the Ash Black".. (I love it!!) heh.

Decision time tonight so get your votes in people!

11:21 AM

Blogger The Wife said...

I don't know - I'm kind of a black or red girl myself. Sorry that everyone is voting blue, but I'd have to go with Ash, or Carbon. I like the understated, manliness of the colors.

Its a jacket. If it were a shirt, I'd go blue. But its a jacket. Jackets are supposed to be understated.

Just my opinion.

The Wife

11:45 AM

Blogger Xingtau said...

Well, I have had a coat that was the ash color for a while and I have had to have it cleaned more than once. Everything you bursh against with your belly (yeah my belly arrives everywhere a few seconds before me =P ) will make the zipper area turn as black as the rest of the coat so I would say thats right out.

The deep loden and black would be my choice if I were buying it. Might be the unconcious camoflague thing working for me there not sure but it just looks better to me. Blue and red are out as they are more like kids colors. I am gonna give a nod to the understated thing too. The Carbon/Black would be my second choice.

12:21 PM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Carbon or red. They're all pretty good colors, though.

12:41 PM

Blogger jusdealem said...

I vote Ash...

1:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an absolute no-brainer just like Buffalo over Miami.

Deep Loden/Black

If you go a different route, similar to not singling out and hammering Buffalo, you will be regretful.

But what do I know!?!

4:56 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

I won't deign to pick a color. Just a comment that 57o has a special significance to the Wall Street Poker crew. In our hallowed halls, 57o is called the "Fuck You" hand. So named because the Slayer played it against me (I had QQ at the time) and won the pot, saying a hearty "Fuck You" in the process.

Sorry to hear you had to learn that the hard way.

9:05 PM


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