Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tonight is NOT my night

It started out horrible, got really good, then went back to bad. I started out losing about a buyin early. I was really bummed. CK helped out a lot and got me cheerful again and I started kicking ass. If she did not cheer me on I would have lost my buyin and called it a night for sure. I got up to +1 buyin.. but got a few brutal suckouts including 88 vs 89c and flopped nut straight vs two pair. Arg! Turning the boat fuckers. Anyhow it could have been worse and I ended the night down about 20BB. Not bad. Not great. I will take it. I really had good tables. Hopefully tomorrow is just as good except less suckouts. I may call it a night early if I get off to a good start. I need a good night psychologically.


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