Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Speech

I really have a problem with Full Tilts chat banning policy. I have been the recipient of a ban or two in my life at Full Tilt and I think it sucks. You fuckers at Full Tilt want to tell the government we are old enough to play poker and decide for ourselves but we are not old enough to click that little button that mutes asshole? I know Chad is a total asshole. Really. I agree with you guys. So I want to start a letter writing campaign to Full Tilt. I am not sure who we will send these letters to. Obviously tech support is just a bunch of Indian's who have a script and get paid four bucks an hour to eat curry and piss people off. Not full tilts problem more of a general issue with all support.

Anyway if you want to join the campaign I am going to ask Full Tilt to.. Reinstate Chad? No fucking way. He is a homer. I instead think that they should either remove the muting ability at the tables or stop banning anyones chat. My feeling is that if the software gives us a way to handle loud mouths like Choad then that should be the method not some idiotic chat ban.

If you are with me send an email to with your choice words for Full Tilt and I will make sure they reach the right ears!!! Please feel free to use this banner to spread the word!!!!!


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