Monday, March 10, 2008

I am officially almost old

Thirty-nine came and went this weekend. How did I spend the last few minutes? I fell asleep in my rocking chair. Pathetic. Oh well. I pretty much slept most of the weekend. I am sorta feeling blah this week. I dunno. I did get ice cream cake though! WOOT! A card from my little sweetie daughter too. My son said he did not have time to make my card but promises me one in the near future. As if. Bankroll is on fumes. Extended losing periods suck. I do think I have been playing much better lately so we will see how it goes.


Blogger BamBam said...

Happy belated you old fart!
Geez! I guess that makes me an old fuck!

Damn. Dealt another bring!

8:44 AM

Blogger Ingoal said...

Happy belated birthday, geez the big 4-0...


10:12 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...

Look in the mirror man.

You are old

1:38 PM

Blogger The Wife said...

Happy birthday!

Hey, 39 is a good age! Maybe you were just resting up for the big blow out year ahead.

I'd send you some samba panties, but don't need the Mrs. upset. :)

1:43 PM

Blogger Ignatious said...

hah, on more year!

4:06 PM

Blogger OhCaptain said...

Happy belated birthday to you. As a person who seems to have been born the same year as yourself, I'll share the same almost old feeling.

Think of it this way, we are just a couple of years shy of our 6th decade on this planet.

2:58 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

i can't believe I'm older than you... even if it is by only two months...

God I run bad!

7:40 AM


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