Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Which one is the Pope?

Can you tell which one is the pope and which is that scary guy from the Poltergeist II movie? Huh? can you? Did not think so.

What the fuck is up with Vitamins? I figure since I am old and shit and my diet would kill a goat I would take some Centrum or something. I passed on the Silver until next year. Anyway does that shit taste like crap? Are you supposed to chew it? I mean I know it has zinc and shit in it but does it have to taste like dirt? I felt like I shoved a handful of dirt in my mouth. I mean wow.

Props to the sexy lady on the train. Spreading your legs wide open while sitting down is wicked hot. I appreciated it. It was great we got off at the same stop too.. Please do not walk as fast next time though. It is hard to keep up.

Asshole blocking the isle in the train not so good. I mean do you really have to stand across the whole fucking isle? Do you not think maybe someone might want to get past you and your fucking retarded backpack. I mean jesus where the fuck are you hiking to retard? It's the fucking city!!! HELLO! Get the fuck out of my way.

As far as comments on my KQ hand? Ya think you could tell me what you would have done? Fold? Jam pre- and pray? What is the right move that deep. I am leaning towards fold now. It is such a thin line between accumulating chips and getting blinded off in these things especially since everyone raises in position. Makes it tough to play sometimes. Anyway still hitting it. My last few non-blogger MTTs I have gone deep and hit the baby money. Hoping for something better soon.

Three months and counting since I said I was going to get that damn exercise bike.. One of these days. Peace.


Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I am baffled on how you would fold KQ late in a tourament, to a steal position that is, stealing alot.

I think a push looks weak, but a good 3-bet (make it 20k total) will get him to fold more often than not and will be very postive EV in the long run. What are you afraid of aces, kings, ace king, and a bare ace? He doesn't want to bust either and if you run into a big hand from an aggro fuck, then so be it, it happens, but not nearly as much as getting blinded down and jamming a weak ace into a big stack.

10:21 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

"getting" and exercise bike just gives you another reason to not exercise...

"I haven't gotten it yet"

Just run your fat ass around the block everynight. There's no excuse for not doing that...

And don't tell me you have bad knees. How would you know? You haven't used them in 30 years :)

10:37 AM


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