Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Was it a good night?

I have no idea. It started out pretty good. As I won a buyin at my new game STUD. Yes I am joining the depends group at least for a while. I have been running really good and keeping it together. I then optimistically started the Hoyazo* and flamed out in spectacular fashion. It all really came down to this one retard that called every raise I made and then outdrew me with his craptastic hands. Finally I let my frustration get to me and jammed LJ when she re-raised me. Of course when LJ re-raises she is dead serious and will never, ever, ever, in a million years fold to an EP jam. While normally my range has her slaughtered here in this case her AQ held up and she double. I almost sucked out when the flop came KTx, but she resucked on the turn with a Queen. The river King helped nobody.

I then went back to the Stud and a few SNGs. Quickly dropped my winnings and another buyin playing Stud. The hand that killed me was sixth street made K high flush. One guy showing 2 hearts and 2 diamonds, the other guy showing nothing. I check-raise and get the pot up to a whopping 20BB and get rivered by a KT flush vs my K8. ARGGGG! That would have made my night. I then donked out of my SNG and felt the pressure to WIN WIN WIN! I promptly shut off the computer for the night.

I guess in a way that is a small victory. Tonight I will try and get my head together and do well in the Skillz game. We shall see what happens. Good luck to you all.


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