Friday, May 16, 2008

Love Elf An Uber Super Duper Genius

The beautiful and extremely smart (like Einstein yo but sexy!) Love Elf has posted her latest grades. She is a straight A student as expected. Everyone go by and give her a great big pat on the back.

As far as her mom idea fuck that. My mom was not horrible.. but we are not close at all. I think I have mentioned before that she let an ear infection go so bad that I became deaf in one ear. So not the most attentive mother I suppose. Sometimes I think that it would be awesome to have had good relationships with either parent. I hear the nice stories from the Elf and others.. but it just is not there and I can not make it up. Mom is still around and I do the obligatory Turkey Day, Xmas visits but that is about it. I also think she is a total jerk to my kids. She treats my fucked up sisters kid much better. Ah well. This is life. The retarded wheel gets the grease as they say and man is my sister squeaky.


Blogger Poker Brian said...

I hear you Waffles, i had the same kind of upbringing. I had to get a paper route at the age of 10 to pay for all my orthodontist stuff, just so she could max her credit cards out on QVC crap, but it did teach me how to work hard for what I want...

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