Thursday, May 08, 2008

What the fuck

What the fuck is a twitter and why would I want one? I have no idea but I decided since I have not been updating the video of my play I would hook up a little twitter section on the web page. Right now it is pretty lame. I am at work. Der. I hope to have some of the following types of things soon..

"Out of the Mookie AA vs 93o. fuck you Bam bam! 2 Hours ago"
"AKT vs AKQ in Stud. Bet Every Street. fucker wins with AKQ high? WTF! 3 Hours Ago"

Anyway it may end up being a stupid idea but what the hell I am all for experimenting with new technology to bring the Waffles Experience to you in whole new ways. Does not sound as cool as the AlCantHang Experience. Ah well. See you all tonight.


Blogger Poker Brian said...

Here ya go Waffles, from a Penny Arcade cartoon what Twittering does to you.

12:28 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

Please let me know how to access that one comment when you get it up and running.

I'll listen for hours !!!!


6:30 AM


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