Monday, May 12, 2008

Evy My Love Thank You

I was going to write about how Bayne sucked out on me after jamming all his chips in on the turn with 12 outs. Bayne was happy getting his money in as a 27% dog but whatever. Instead I will talk about how my darling Evy knocked him out and how we both made the same amount of money except I wasted less time. Bayne did try to excuse his bad play by saying he was "representing" the straight. Um. Ya right. I did not buy that for a second. Oh well.

Tonight actually turned out pretty good as I destroyed some SNGs and brought my roll back up to just shy of 500 again. I could have capped 500 tonight but with four left I overplayed 17 outs or so against TPTK. Oh well. What can you do. I could have scored a bunch more times if my AQ held up against A9 and the like.. but of course I could have lost a few more if my A4 lost against AK and my TPTK lost against two pair instead of sucking out trips.

So that is the essence of poker. I promise more sexcapades tomorrow. Cya then.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Sexcapades really??

sounds fun!

Have a good day waffles.

Only one more installment left and then I'll be finished with the Ryan Saga. My dad stopped reading my blog because he was getting so pissed off about the Ryan Saga.

7:20 AM


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