Monday, May 19, 2008

My Baby Girl is Growing Up

My little girl.. *sniff*.. just hit a milestone.. *Sniff*.. She.. she.. rode her bike without training wheels. WAHHHHHH! They grow up so fast. Pretty soon she is going to be crying when I tell her she can not date until she is 99. My little four year old. *sigh*.

My nine year old son just finished his first MCAST tests. You know those retarded tests they give kids to tell if they have enough basic information to pass the grade. So the teachers dumb down the entire curriculum to focus on passing the MCAST and everyone is stupider for it. I think he did pretty well. We shall see. The boy is an enigma like his dad. If he is not interested in a subject you can talk until your head falls off and he will not do well.. but if he likes the material he will attack it like a vicious bulldog and get straight A's without much effort. Of course this kind of thing is frowned upon in our society until you actually work for a living. You can then look back at your idiotic fifth grade teacher who gave you an F and say "Damn bitch you would make more working at McDonalds.. Fuck you.. check me out!!". Until then it will be rough for him.

Still have to get that damn exercise elliptical thing. Going on month five. I suck. I am concerned though. It seems like people who make pants these days are retarded. They design them to show your underwear like some retarded ghetto kid. Flaring hip design or something I dunno. It works horribly for me since I am totally fat in the middle but skinny everywhere else for the most part. So I can not find a pair of pants I can run in and not feel like I am going to be naked soon. Yeahhhh baby! That is gonna hurt your brain for a while.

Poker is poker. It is the same ole thing. I am patiently waiting for that jump that gets me to the next cash level but currently am wallowing at the 400-500 level. With jumps as low as 340 and as high as 540. The fluctuation's in bankroll are what drive me crazy and while I have seen some Evil Waffles comments lately I have been holding it together pretty well. I am not sure if I will ever get to the point where Poker does not bother me but I think I am making some progress.

I did have a nice Stud session last night. Second hand I am dealt rolled up fours**. My next two cards are AA. I slow play it through 5th street getting 3-5 callers for every bet. I then end up getting it capped on 6th and 7th street three ways. It does not get any better in Stud than that. I ended up taking down a nice 28BB pot. The table then broke and I left with my profit intact.

I also played a SNG where I 2-outted people twice and just hit every hand like crazy. I ended up with like 10K in chips.. and I still only took second. I just could not put it away HU. Oh well. Shit happens. The SNG trail has been pretty streaky but overall I am starting to show some profit.

I think tonight will be mostly Monday at the Hoy. My May has sucked in the BBT3 and I HAVE to turn it around this week or I can say goodbye to a second seat. I feel good about tonight. Good luck to you all.

** For those of you who are not smart and beautiful like CK rolled up fours are 444 starting hand in Stud. Loved her Waffle comment also. Not sure if it was intentional or not.


Blogger Poker Brian said...

Is there anything better than getting rolled up, then hit quad on 4th or 5th street? And on top of that have the betting capped every round AND noone qualifies for the low (in h/l obv)?

I don't think theres a better feeling than that.

12:30 PM


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