Friday, December 05, 2008

Few Points

Squeeezed out a few points in the Bodog last night. I bumped up to 7th place in the leaderboard just behind my boy MiamiDon. He took down second place to add to his collection of Bodog wins. NewInNov pulled off another impressive win also. I got semi-coolered with four left. SB vs BB action my AT vs Don's AK. He asked why I did not just raise the normal 3xBB but with him aggro monkeying with 35o I figured a jam was the better move. Make him play for all his chips. He unfortunately actually had a hand. Oh well. Next up will be NY Ramblers game. Sheesssh they give anyone a game these days.

*** UPDATE: Apparently it was Hoyazo who won. I got faulty IM information. Good job Hoy!


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