Monday, December 29, 2008

NYRambler Champion

You are a super donkey
-- Pirate Lawyer

*yawn*. Won one. Whee. Early on I should have been out when I tried to bluff a guy off of a set on the turn. Lucky for me I rivered my flush. I then owned PL in LHE when we were down to three. Pulling off not ONE not TWO but TWO, oh yeah, it was TWO, TWO BLUFFS. Do you know how hard that is in LHE? I was in his head bad. Finally we got HU in Omatard and I scooped twice with some really weak top pair hands. He was crippled down to 1700 and after that it was AFC (Any four cards). Was kinda fun to play.. but Poker is still in the shit house with me. I have always hated the fact you can do the most donkish things that are totally wrong and still win. I know this is a wrong way to think but I hate that shit so bad. Ah well. Peace.


Blogger Shrike said...

Congrats. I will have my revenge! ;)


2:11 AM


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