Friday, January 23, 2009

Breakeven plan continues..

So it continues. Played a little LHE and Stud8 last night. Profited a little in both games and kept generating that rakeback. Oh yeah baby! This weeks payment will boost the bankroll 10%! Woot! I think it is silly that Doc and Dork can not build a roll from crumbs. That dumb contest they had a month ago. I mean cmon. I would have won hands down. I think they need to read my book when it comes out. I guess I have more experience than they do. If things continue to go break-even I should be able to settle up with IT before he goes into toxic shock and oozes his guts out. Wish the puss bag a quick recovery though. So far it sounds pretty disgusting.

Seriously though playing smaller stakes makes you really have to consider how profitable certain moves are against certain types of players. You have to adjust your game accordingly when people have poor pre-flop hand selection and really pay attention to what their bets are telling you and if they are big fat liars. Especially in the lower limit NLHE SNG games I have been slowing down pre-flop and outplaying my opponents post flop. Cutting down on large c-bets and folding a hell of a lot more. In general it has probably been good for my game. I obviously have to ramp it back up for higher levels games.


Blogger DrChako said...

I've developed a new strategy for winning bankroll prop bets. I don't play. Seriously. I haven't touched FT since I lost that bet. The best way to ensure I'm a break even player is to never even load the software.

I should write a book.


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