Friday, January 02, 2009


Someone asked "Why do women (for the most part) not get the Three Stooges.". It is pretty simple. Sort of why my blog is popular. It comes down to a simple truism in life -- Guys like other peoples pain, Women do not.

Women are the nurturing types and when people are in pain it just does not seem right. On the other hand as warriors us men like other peoples pain.

For example I was watching Jackass. The guys were on a 5th story roof top. A guy was at the bottom with a cod piece. They were dropping baseballs from the roof to try and hit him in the balls. The cod piece deflected most of the pain. The funny part was when they totally fucking missed and nailed him in the leg. He doubles over in pain and starts howling and screaming. Now that was comedy!

My blog is another example. The pain of all my poker experiences is hilarious to guys. The only reason I have any women readers is because I am smokkin' hot and also I am "the thing to do".. The popular place to go where all the guys are. Women like to congregate to the fun spots.

See simple logic. Easy peasy. See you on the felt.


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