Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Plan

So I am like break even again. Which is always fun. I am going to play the Skillz game tonight. It is Razz for anyone who is interested. I am playing just to frustrate Pirate Lawyer. Statistically he has never won when I have played. BOOOOM!

I have decided that I need a new Poker Strategy. I think these book authors have corrupted me. They started me out on that shit "AA is awesome dude, Raise AK get value".. you should win with these hands. Pssshawww. I have gone 0-10 in my last freaking ten Kings. I mean cmon. Lousy hands. So now I am beginning to suspect that they lied about bankroll management. Have you ever watched an episode of High Stakes Poker? They are all like "Yeah, I lost my 80K on Full Tilt then I borrowed like 100K from RichDonkey and then I lost that.. BWAHAHAHA". I mean that does not sound like bankroll management to me.

So fuck it. I am going with my strengths. What are those? I play outside of my bankroll and get fucking lucky a lot. So my new strategy is to play whatever the fuck I want. Who gives a crap about building a bankroll or playing games that are in the range for the bankroll. Fuck that shit. I am going to play whatever the fuck I want to which probably will include some nice full bankroll $500 HU SNG play somewhere along the lines. The one change I am going to make is when I donk into a nice big win I am going to cash half of it out. I mean I am not trying to build a bankroll so I might as well enjoy the money. So this is my new plan. Huge swings both ways. Money coming out constantly. Being broke most of the time. It seems like a fun idea.

Also the BBT4 is coming up. If I need to remind anyone I fucking killed it last year. So if anyone wants to work out a backing deal let me know. If there is one thing I do well it is fucking kill Bloggerments. Last year my backer double his investment. BOOYAH! So hurry up before Bodogs favorite professional poker player gets scooped up.

Peace out.


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