Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whats Going On

I watched Michael Moore's Sicko documentary last night for the first time. Now Michael is obviously very one sided and tries to be controversial and stoke up the fires. The movie had some really head scratching parts though. Like how does a little girl with a 108 fever get pushed out of an Emergency room? How can a hospital stick sick people in a cab and drop them off at a free clinic? Just push them out of a cab and let them wander the street until someone from the clinic picks them up. How do you deny people things like bone marrow transfers? It is really baffling. I mean they have to help people right? I assume the doctors never ever get to see these people and some administration type is the one sending people away. Am I wrong about that though? Is it the ER doctors that send them on their way? Pretty eye opening stuff if this kind of thing is going on every day.

I also tried to get a Wii Fit. This is like the third or fourth time I have tried to pump money into the economy. However apparently stores do not want to sell me stuff. The Toys R Us I went to was out of Uno for the boy and had no Wii Fit. I then went to Target and was able to get Uno for half the price of the giraffe store. So fuck you forever Geoffry. I still was not able to find a Wii Fit though. Ah well. I think someone should start an exit polling company. The stores they represent would give out a certificate every month in a raffle if you filled out the survey. It would just ask "Did you find everything you wanted? If not what were we out of, and will you wait and buy it here or buy it somewhere else". Possibly they could keep up with demand that way. Who knows. I have to say at least around here the malls are packed full.

I have also been making my lunch this week. I have learned in the one day I have done this that my normal cafeteria lunch is HUGE compared to my sandwich and fruit. I was starving at the end of the day.


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If you're looking for the Wii Fit, Amazon has them in stock.

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