Saturday, February 28, 2009


Snowboarding was a riot. I enjoyed it a bunch. I think I did pretty good. I only fell twice and once it was because I tripped over a skier. One time I went face first into the ice. I was doing the ole right turn move where you lean forward on your board and lift your heels. Unfortunately at the end I cut my edge right into the snow and went flying. The backwards fall was because of the skier. I did my right turn and somehow ended up parallel with the hill looking up.. but my board decided to go backwards and I tripped over the skier. oops.

I was very surprised at how much actual work this Snowboarding is. Since we were in a lesson we had to climb up the hill with the Board on one foot. That in itself tired me out big time. Actually to the point where I got a little out of breath and dizzy. I really need to get my ass in shape. So I laid down and watched the kid for a bit before jumping back on. My lower legs also are sore as well as my back for some reason. Surprisingly enough my knees are ok.

One last warning for those of you stout people like myself. You see my friends there was one thing I did not realize until we started using both feet strapped in. See in order to get both feet in you have to do something very hard... You have to be able to reach down and touch your left toe. Now for skinny people this is easy but I have not really seen my left foot for a long time. No way I could reach it. One foot I was fine kneeling down. The teacher had to strap me in for the two footer version though. Very eye opening.


Blogger Champ said...

Yeah shredder!

10:26 AM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Let me know when you're snowboarding so I can stay the hell of the slopes that day.

5:52 PM


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