Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obsessed with LOST

Today, we were fooling around and I was just about to orgasm when he looks at my clock and says "I have to go LOST is on in 20 minutes." FML

FML is a pretty fun site. Fake/Real who knows. Amusing. I wonder if Goat submitted that one?

I have to say I totally love Iggy in a Ghey Dwarf Sex way and any other way there is. He is such a great guy. He is not my backer but I still love him.

Apparently when the sun comes out and shines it does so in a major way. Not only have I been backed in the BBT4, I also have gotten some deals done that have given me a very nice starting bankroll. I look forward to increasing it to EPiC heights and then crashing out and burning to keep my break even status. I am thinking it will have to wait three months though. I have the feeling that the BBT4 will be a HUGE grind and the majority of my play will be in it. A fun grind mind you but filled with a lot of late nights and some days of just pushing through.

I am also enjoying my Death Knight in WoW and have become a little addicted to Maffia Wars on Facebook. Come join my Maffia so I can have a lot of people and kick some ass! Until later Peace.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Alliance are all 12 year old homos.

11:51 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

what is your name on Facebook? I'm addicted to that Mafia Wars shit too.

10:32 AM


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