Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goddamn I am Getting Angrier

I am fucking ranting my ass off these days. Let's rant on my good friend PokerPeaker. He recently picked his 5 worse movies ever. His choices were:

Showgirls, The Matrix Revolutions, Godzilla, The Notebook and Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers.

Holy fuck what a retard. First off how the fuck can PokerPeaker say Showgirls is top 5 bad movies?!?! Have you seen that movie! Fucking awesome movie! That lead chick is fucking hot as shit. I spanked my way through that movie several times. Goddamn I love that show.

Halloween? Is that the remake. I honestly have not seen the remake but Halloween is one of the best movies ever. Halloween two sucked balls with those retard kids and the fucking idiot music that turns them into monsters. The Michael Myers ones were great.

Fuck even Godzilla was not that bad. I mean you could not think of a worse movie you have seen? Your a fucking retard man. You should stick to running. Nobody else want's to hear your fucking idiotic worse movies picks. Just run by yourself Forrest and leave the movies to the pro's.


Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Just let it out. That's a good boy.

What are your worst five then? The movies that you spank to are not movies that you measure for quality. Showgirls is good for the former but not the latter. I'm glad you at least agree with me on the third Matrix. What a fucking joke that was. And this was Halloween 6, which was a total disappoinment after good entries in 4 and 5.

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