Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Animal Planet Farce

I like the Animal Planet. It has some cool shows. Mostly I just watch the "When Sharks Attack" type shows but it has some other good stuff. I was watching today and just had to say what the heck? They started a new show about a chick that is an FBI agent. To make it about "Animals" they have her as deaf with a deaf dog? Is there such a thing? I know blind people have dogs but deaf? Can I get a Chihuahua for being half deaf?

Did Animal planet figure out animal shows do not pay the bills? Have they jumped the shark? Even worse to me this dog is a pussy. I mean a perp comes up to the FBI chick and is threatening and the dog just sits there with his stupid tongue out. I mean what the hell? If that was Lassie he would have handcuffed that guy and fucked him doggy style before he got the first bad word out of his mouth. If your going to have a dog on an animal show he at least should be a super dog. I think this is a real mismatch for the channel. I am really disappointed in them.


Blogger Astin said...

Lassie. Always motherfuckin' Lassie! Can't The Littlest Hobo get some love? That dog kicked seven kinds of ass and would have taken down the perp and them walked his ass out of town to the next deaf cop who needed help.

8:07 AM


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