Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I could never play like a Pro

The biggest hand of the night came in a pot where Eastgate made it $3,500 pre-flop with A-K. Greenstein peeked down to see pocket aces and raised to $15,000. Dwan called with Ks-Qs and Eastgate also saw the flop of 2-4-Q with two spades. Kaplan made an elaborate Star Spangled Banner reference before Dwan led out and bet $28,700. Greenstein raised to $100,000 as a 50% favorite to win the pot and Dwan re-raised to $244,600. Greenstein shoved enough to put Dwan all-in and the two agreed to run it just once. Greenstein offered to let Dwan to take back $200,000, but the youngster declined. The turn was a queen, leaving Greenstein drawing to the case ace, which didn't come on the river. Dwan scooped the largest pot in High Stakes Poker history

I read this on PokerNews. I am just not as good as Dwan. He is a genius. I will leave the professional plays like this to the Suckos of the world.


Blogger spritpot said...

I don't think there's any doubt that Dwan is the best cash game poker player alive right now. I have done recaps of every episode on my blog...of the best 5 players of the season so far (as judged by me), 4 were by Dwan. And I didn't even include him flopping top pair and losing one bet post flop vs. Benyamine's flopped two pair and rivered boat, his value-towning Eli Elezra's K-high with a boat, his losing one bet post flop with flopped top pair to Ziig's slowplayed overpair, or his winning the $920k pot with KsQs.

12:11 PM

Blogger AlCantHang said...

Please refrain from writing about poker. Stick to things you actually know like WoW and

well, just stick to WoW.

3:56 PM


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