Thursday, May 07, 2009


Scott begged me to play so I did. At least I went out clean with a race T7 vs 44. I jammed the last of my stack in fully expecting to get called. The flop was a nice 89 but I could not improve. I had let myself get a little short so felt I had to make a move with cards that were likely live. CloserX took a little chunk of my stack when he called a raise with some crap hand like QJo and out flopped me. I guess a guy who calls off his entire stack to a raise and re-raise with a monster like A9 can not be expected to fold much of anything. Was fun to see Scott get kicked in the taint by a 3-outer though.

I did a little taint punching myself to Wyld. It was a SB vs BB situation and I had AQ vs his KK. I figured he was a LGay type player and his range could be anything from A2-something better. I was a little surprised at the kings.. but I had him way covered and would make the same play again. Of course I spiked my Ace on the flop to send him on his way. I also ass reamed Scary Lady soon to be Mrs. Scary Lady. I have no problem with the way I played the hand. I called her position raise with A5 s000ted. The flop came 955. I really did not think she had a strong hand. I checked. She potted as she often does. I decided to jam in. Lucky for me she had Queens and her stack was shipped to me. Three bets to doubled up seems like decent implied odds.

The 3-outers were flying hard and fast at our table. I think the word "Dominated" in poker is a total misnomer. There is no skill involved. Just throw your chips in with ATC and pray to whatever gods you worship. Peace.


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