Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Joanne and Buddy

I am really happy for these guys getting married! Joanne is a wonderful, smart, beautiful, hard working woman who deserves a good man in her life, and Buddy is um a guy. I am a little against marrying the first woman you sleep with but I am happy for him. Since Riggs and Numblowme started the whole speculation thing I have to throw in my two cents.

Joanne: Fucking marry me now!
Buddy: YES!

All kidding aside I wish you guys the best! It is great when two people find someone to share their lives with. I really enjoyed the times in Vegas I got to spend with both of you. Your both really great people.


Blogger Joanada said...

Sheesh - between you and Numb, I have to wonder if Buddy & I really are on camera 24/7. You guys seem to know more about the proposal than we let on.

All kidding aside, thank you so much!

1:03 PM


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