Friday, June 05, 2009

El Roacho

I tried to roach my way into a money spot playing a little LO8 MTT last night. I started off good playing one hand in the entire first rotation. The beginning of the second rotation I scooped a huge pot and swung into 20th place with around 80 left. I then totally left the path of master Bayne and stopped roaching and played a few ill advised hands. It gets hard to fold when there are eight people in the hand.. even when you know you should.. I finally went out against two pair with a nut low, weak (but winning) flush and good straight draw. The Qc on the river did not complete any of those hands unfortunately. Honestly I blew the whole roach attempt. It gets hard to play three hands in a long MTT. Kudos to the Ser Bayne of Roachingham he is the man. Perhaps I will try again tonight.


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