Friday, May 22, 2009


Today I am going to give some mad props to my boy TripJax since my night at PLO sucked. First I got sucked out on in a three way pot. I limped Aces, guy after me made it 1$, next guy popped it to 4$, so I jam it to 18$, and the original raiser pushes all in, and after a few seconds thought the third guy calls off. Now in general this hand is not going to favor me three ways, and anyone getting 3:1 money for stacks probably should call here. So the original raiser had TT62, the final caller had TJQK no s00ts. Of course the straight guy hits his two pair and scoops the seventy five buck pot. If I could have held on there I would have had a totally different night. I also misread a board against Drizzle and did not notice he mad his mad straight. I was probably tired or tilty or something because normally would not play that way. At least I decided to quit soon after that.

Back to the props for TJ. He has been posting some niiice pics of his smokkin' hot wife in Hawaii. No idea how he ever landed her but congratz bro! Keep up the pics. She is looking so good.

Have a fun weekend everyone. Latah.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Little did TripJax know that the blog pictures of his wife would soon become part of a bizarre sexual ritual performed somewhere in the northeast United States ...

1:08 PM

Blogger TripJax said...

LOL lightning.

Wawfuls, you and The Rooster trip me out. The intertubes in a nutshell. You know it is a slow day when Wawfuls is writing about me...

5:47 PM


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