Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Devil Gets A Pass

First off I have to apologize for my comments about the devil soon to be EX. She did not in fact BUY Prada shoes and a handbag. No my friends. She was GIVEN these hand-me-down Prada things that were brand new but did not fit her friend. It is good to live in a nice town.

I played a little poker the other night. Took third in the skillz after overplaying jacks vs iaatg overplayed queens. I think in the long run overplaying jacks against iaatg is probably way way way ahead of his range. He is an aggressive player. We all had about ten blinds left so by the time I figured out he had a bigger pair than me I just had to ship it.

I also played a little Omatard-8 MTT. Went out with AJ3K s000ted vs 4436. Obviously he flopped the "nut" six high flush and rivered an Ace to scoop me. I raised my hand pre-flop and he cold called a third of his stack. Have to love the retarded.

Limit Holdem six-max I won a few bucks in a few minutes this morning. Could be something fun to try.

I am thinking that when I become single again college might be a good idea. Nice, young, nubile, ladies, in abundance. Something to think about. I never actually attended college as I am a self made man. I probably have the equivalent of a masters of computer science in my brain. Although I become less able to access it every year. Old age is fun. Luckily I have grown in wisdom and can fake my way through the tough parts.


Blogger Sean D said...

"Mr TA Waffles?" - a nubile young woman comes to his office with one thing on her mind.

"Yes, young thing, I mean Ms. Hunt," Waffles stares at her young heaving bosom...


Once a devil , always a devil.

Keep the faith brother!


9:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or a present from her new boyfriend.

1:37 PM


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