Monday, July 20, 2009

November Nine Photo, A Waffles Perspective

This image has been lifted from the Tao of Poker who in turn lifted it from Mean Gene. If either of these faggots have a problem with me jacking it then too fucking bad. Remember I am crazy and will bite your ear off in a fight! Honestly if you want me to take it down let me know. Ear tastes bad.

I was going to wait to express my opinions on the November nine until Riggs got done telling us why Ivy is not good as a November nine finalist. However he is a fucking lazy douchebag and I can no longer wait for him.

I actually think Ivy playing in this tournament is going to be a good thing for poker. He is such a cross-faction type person. The white guys can relate to him like Obama and Tiger because he seems almost white. The black people think he is one of theirs. The good poker players think it shows that you can win a big tourney with skill and Phil is a poster boy for skilled poker play. The donkeys at least have heard his name and have someone to root for. I think he appeals to most every group and gives people someone to cheer for. Guys like Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold you just wanted to see die. Although I will say Jerry made you believe their might be a god and he likes practical jokes.

Now to the actual point of my post. Have you ever seen a photo that is more fucking ghey than the one Mean gene took. Not his fault. He is just shooting what is there. Take a close look though. We have the freak in the Ultimate Bet garb. Lets forget that he is representing a bunch of scumbags that cheated a whole lot of people. What does he care? He got paid more than the years salary he got from Subways to wear that shit. Why is he fucking nipple pinching the guy in front though? I mean he has his hand right on the man boob and it appears as if he is pinching the nipple. Is that as close as he has ever been to boob? The guy in front looks pretty tough too. Why didn't he just turn around and fucking bitch slap that homo?

The whole right side is where they put all the friendly guys. Kumba fucking ya! Let's hold hands and fucking take a picture. I am sorry but if some dude with 10 hours of sweat and possibly 8 days worth is putting his pits up to me I am moving to the other side. Get the fuck away. At least the guy at the end does not have a queer ass smile on his face.

What about the guy on the other end? The one with the Full Tilt shirt. He is one of two things. He is either flaming ghey or a fucking serial killer. I swear his eyes are saying "DONT YOU FUCKING TAKE A PICTURE OF ME! THEY ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THE BODY IN OHIO!". Can you see it? I think he is going to be able to buy a lot more hookers to kill after this.

Phil Ivy has his "I am a fucking tough guy" look on. I think he needs that edge otherwise he would look ghey too. He is such a fucking pretty boy. He better never get caught doing anything bad or the boys in prison are going to have a good time.

What kinda poker site calls itself the "Spade Club".. and they put him next to Ivy too. I am not going there. Guy on the other side of Ivy looks normal but I do not know why he wore his Marriot Hotel and Inn shirt to the tourney.

Now that I have removed any possibility of ever becoming a WSOP reporter and possibly insulted every race and religion available I will leave you to your day. I am looking forward to the November Nine. It should be interesting.


Blogger jusdealem said...

That guy is totally nipple pinching. Hahaha

9:57 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

We really need a white chica to make the final table just so you don't miss a demographic.

12:12 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Funnist freaking post I have read in months. All bow to master Waffles ...

12:17 PM

Blogger AlCantHang said...

Are you even allowed to express an opinion if you can't spell the guy's last name correctly?

Good to see things haven't changed here in the last two months.

12:37 PM

Blogger Champ said...

Say whatever you want, just spell my name right.


Phil Ivey

2:28 PM

Blogger Riggstad said...


6:40 PM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

Spade Club guy is Jeff Schulman, editor of CardPlayer mag who said that if he wins the ME he will throw the bracelet in the trash. You know, because of the way Harrah's dissed his mag and gave exclusivity to Bluff. Read more at WCP.

Also, 4 FTP vs 1 PS vs 1 UB vs 1 Everest. I bet Ivey gets them all to chip dump to him and puts them on the payroll of the company he has a significant stake in. PS must be shitting themselves about this one.

Good luck Champ!

6:46 AM


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