Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joyous Day

Here I thought some retard ruined all the fun my day could have been. I am coming into work and there is this old drunk guy. He has his pillow and is walking funny. He then decides to try and walk across the road while buses and cars are flying past. I winced and though we were going to see some real blood flying. Unfortunately some goody two shoes leaps out into the road and saves his ass. See that is the difference between being a good person and me. A good person acts on the things they see while most of us just wait for the splat.

To cheer me up though I got my word published in the Urban Dictionary. Fuck ya. Who said I am old. I am like Urban Dictionary material baby. So here is my addition to society:


When you are walking down the street and someone gets in your way so you lean your shoulder into him when you collide.

That lame ass was looking down at his iPod while walking so I shouldered him.


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