Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Tired

I worked the whole day Saturday. Stayed in a Hotel in Boston. Really had a hard time sleeping. Fell asleep at 10, woke back up at 2AM, then was in and out of sleep until 7AM when I decided to get up, shower, and take a nice walk. I then headed back into work for another 12 hour day. Sean said "That sucks" but I really enjoyed myself. Exhausted but in a good way.

I missed the Patriots game which was probably a good thing. My FFL team is kicking butt in the second game of the season and it looks possible to win this week and go 2-0. I am watching Sunday night football to get my fix in.

I ended up cranking through an entire WCF service using Linq to SQL for my data access layer. It was a mixed bag. It was a little frustrating learning the archaic perlesque type language. There are some gotchas too.. like if you do not define the table AsEnumerable() then it decides it would be most efficient to connect to the database numerous times to get your data. Not noticeable until it cranks to a stop at 400K records.

Once I finished with that I was happy with the end result. We are loading our entire set of optimization results for all of accounts and passing it across the wire in around 30-seconds. Seeing the amount of data we deal with this is not too bad. I am kind of annoyed that everything we work with is wacky Dictionaries within Dictionaries. Not my design. My math nerd boss thinks he is a programmer but he goes for speed at the cost of usability and readability. So be it. Linq to Sql was surprising good at making these dictionaries in very few lines of code.

I also had the opportunity to ponder more about what my essence is. I always find it fascinating to obsess on things that really do not matter. It is an interesting question though. What does make ME. Is it where I am now -- Lazy, Depressed, Fat, Middle aged guy. Is it what I do? My job. Warcraft? Not much. Is it who I was a while ago and who I hope to be again - Adventurous, Thirsting for Knowledge, Working Hard, Playing Hard, Having Fun with the family. Is it more the internal tendencies you have. Who the hell knows.

It was far more interesting to ponder things like how does CK's bounce open an inter-dimensional time-space doorway that makes it appear as if her boobs are much larger than they are. Probably more likely I should wear my glasses more often.. or maybe not.

Lunch was really good too. I had Fajitas for the first time in a while. The bill came out to like 17 dollars and I did not want to break a second twenty for a big tip so I dropped the twenty down and took all the change from my pocket and stuffed it in there. Probably a little short still on the tip but I tried!!!

On the poker front I have joined the poopy pants ventilator brigade and started grinding the stud tables a bit. Need some more fundage but seems promising so far.


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I have boobs in Waffles world!

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