Friday, September 18, 2009

Programming Rant Numero Uno

I hear someone say "Hey like Linq to Sql is great it does everything for you". Then I get put on a project and have to USE link to Sql and it is NOT great!! It "Automagically generates shit for you". Um.. yeah, no, not so much. It can't even handle stored procs with temp tables in em. Fucking cunt program and I hate temp tables but it should fucking handle them!!!! I never use temp tables because they suck balls but I still need them handled right because of the stupid morons I work with that love them. Instead the damn thing saying "Hey why don't I return you an integer and we call it even". Motherfucking auto-generated code. The future is here and is sucks.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Ahh -- I have a computer project at work and -- for once -- wish I had the great Waffles brain!

8:56 PM

Blogger Buffalo66 said...

You should type this post in the chat box every time you get three-outed.

7:27 AM

Blogger pk said...

You are right in what you say - LinQ to SQL does generate shit alright.

We had to make a choice between using it or .nettiers from Codesmith - easy choice.

Having now heard a waffles rant on coding, it sounds uncannily like me in work on a Monday morning..

10:40 AM

Blogger OhCaptain said...

Auto-generated crap code is the devil. I have yet to use linq, I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to it. Some of the code generators I work with love it, but then if they only knew I'm making a career of rewriting their crap...

9:10 AM


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