Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Things I learned getting my license today

- I can be charming, nice, personable and social but only to fat black chicks working at the RMV.

- It is fun when your Fantasy Team scores 123 points. I however expect the doom and gloom. I thought it was coming when they were talking about Adrian Peterson bleeding from his arm and being dehydrated. I guess I will have to wait another week for his imminent demise.

- Judging from China Town Chinese people like food, 99 cent stores, tans, and porn. Based on these observations I would probably assimilate to Chinese culture very quickly. Also noted I do not know how to spell Chinese.

- It is very scary when someone asks you to read the numbers on the right side of the chart and you do not see any.. I am pretty sure this was due to the RMV crappy eye test machines although I am not ruling out brain cancer.

- Tomorrow I will learn if I was just tired or am coming down with swine flu since I was entirely not hungry today.

- I have not made it to the Ocean on any of my walks yet. I must make it to the Ocean.

- My general content look is equivalent to other peoples "I am so mad and will kill you look". I really do not go around wanting to kill you.. much.

- I hate iPod text messaging zombies.

- The wife is going to learn to watch out for what she asks for because she might get it. Possibly unfair but she is annoying the hell out me lately.

- I am looking forward to Vegas a lot. It is kind of sad that I have to fly 3000 miles to sit in a bar and get drunk with friends. It is kind of cool too though.


Blogger StB said...

What the hell is the RMV?

5:22 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Registry of Motor Vehicles

5:31 PM

Blogger The Wife said...

Its like the DMV, only cooler, 'cause its east coast and all proper and all. Kings English.

And its not sad to fly 3,000 miles to sit and drink with friends. I think its kind of cool that I have a network of friends all over the US that are happy to gather with me.

Verification word? Mutat. Not mutate. Mutat.

9:57 PM


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