Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Public Service Announcement from Shill

so anyway, i wrote about this once ages ago, but if you aren't already signed up for truly free poker training (tfpt), you should be.

how it works: you play on ftp (click here if you don't already have an account), you accrue points, you get free poker training

no points are ever deducted, they are simply a threshold. 750 points gets you 1 free week of stoxpoker, and training is given in one week increments. one month of cardrunners is 5500 points, and one month of stoxpoker is 3000. stox has more lower stakes and mixed games videos, in case you've never checked it out.

tfpt does not impact mgr and again NO POINTS ARE DEDUCTED. it's free, gloriously free. so what are you waiting for, sign up now!

if you are at all confused, check out cmitch's post here about it, he does a good job of explaining.

i'd be super appreciative if you could post about TFPT on your blog also and help spread the word. thanks!!!

*** The government made me write that I think LJ is a shill for Cardrunners or something. This post is brought to you by the Numbers 7 and 2, the word Donkey, and the Hand A5o because you know she is gonna jam it into your blind and crack your Aces. Fucking luckboxes.


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