Thursday, October 01, 2009

Riggstad Shitfucker Party

My new name for the 1$ MTT. Whee! It was actually fun to play. Seriously sick way to go out when I jam the turn with J8 flush and get called by TP with a Q of crubs. I also get called by a 3rd guy with 2 pair. Crub on the river make my crubs no good. Monkey go cry cry.

Got in really bad in my first SNG. 56h vs AQh on a 23Q 2 heart flop. Ouch.

Final tabled the 27 man SNG though. Took down third place monies. Had the top stack and then took JJ against AK and A6 against JT with the remaining scraps. I run good.


Blogger Varun Gupta said...


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