Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day One: Friday Night Memories, Sort Of..

For this years WPBT I decided to break with tradition and arrive at 8PM on Friday night instead of my usual midnight arrival. I also skipped my traditional haircut and even wore my glasses so I could actually SEE PEOPLE. I know novel idea right? Once I landed I decided to head to my hotel to drop things off. Keeping with my tradition of new things I booked my hotel at Hooters. It was slightly embarrassing telling the bus driver to take me to Hooters. The giggles from the people in the bus were good too.

I got the Bungalow room overlooking the pool. I was surprised at how nice it actually was. I mean for a thirty buck a night place it was great. I would highly recommend it. One other pro tip - Do NOT read the Hooters magazine. I do not know why it was sticky and wet and I do not think I want to know.

I walked across the street to the MGM. I had a little trepidation. I guess that is part of being me. Who was coming? Would they be happy to see me? It is a pain in the ass to be me some days. I mean seriously I always have fun at these gatherings and here I am being nervous about hanging with a bunch of friends.

The first thing I saw when I entered the poker area was a sick ass blogger 1/2 table. Over six grand on the table. Iggy, Otis, Bad Blood and a few others were sitting there. Apparently The Mark from G-Vegas was the target of much table envy at the time. I saw Falstaff hanging around with NO DRESS! BamBam and Pebs were chatting with everyone around. My Facebook buddy April from California was there.

I ran into the Rooster and started drinking early. Every Vegas trip I usually focus on either gambling or socializing AKA Drinking. I do not seem to be able to handle both. This year was definitely a socializing year. He took me over to the club at the MGM. Normally this place is hoppin with some techno or loud dance music or something. We walked in and it is all cowboy all the time. Yeeehawwwwww! He walks up to this hot blonde chick and I was wondering if he even knew her. It was the first time I was to meet the lovely and talented California Jen. I had heard a ton about her from different blog posts but had never met her. We all decided that the club bar was lame so went back to the MGM bar behind the poker room and started drinking again.

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. I know I got liquored up. Iggy retired to the bar at some point. Mistook Jordon for Jaxon because someone said it was him. Hey you guys look a little alike!! Should have known from the Flash shirt. Comic geeks! Bayne was as bald as ever. No AlCantHang sightings which is rare. I quizzed 2 of 3 blondes and got a consensuses that my aqua polo shirt sucked. April showed up at some time. A ton of people were there Betty, Heather, lots more. I am sure many people have been erased from memory by the beer.

I got more drunk. I think I was amusing but god knows what the fuck I said. I remember people laughing so that is usually good. Laughing with me dammit not at me!! I got chided at some point for not closing on Jen. Sorry it is Waffles. I have no moves. I do not close. Fuck it is pretty good that she tolerated being around me for most of the night. I drank some more.

We followed up the MGM as usual with the IP. The usual crew was there in Dr. Pauly, his brother Derek, several others. I heard reports of the Rooster getting thrown out of various places. Go Rooster!! Really that first night was a blurrrrrr. I thought that I was done around 1AM but Iggy said he poured me into the cab around 4AM. I fell asleep at the bar. Unfortunately this is becoming a habit. All in all it was a great start and I enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Great to finally meet you as well! But for the record, I was not there to be "closed" on because...well...I'm not a house or a piece of commercial property. ;)

12:39 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

Certainly was good to see you again Waffles. Hopefully next time, we can keep you sober enough to chat longer. :p

Wait! Maybe that was me?

12:56 PM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Did you really cab from MGM to Hooters?

3:27 PM


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